Velligan-Blaxall Consultants, LLC

Our mission is to deliver the highest level personalized service to all our clients. We provide the best quality insights and analysis to position you for the future. Our aim is to be an extension of your internal team and integral to your success.

We are expert consultants in the finance, accounting and information technology arena. Our client base includes banks, credit unions and other financial institutions with asset sizes ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations.


Financial institutions face many complex issues regarding risk management. Examples include enterprise risk management oversight and governance development, funding, credit and liquidity management, balance sheet management, ALM, AML/BSA and vendor risk management. VBC can effectively address all of these risks, and help institutions enhance their safety and soundness thus improving their performance. We aid institutions ensuring they comply with regulatory requirements. Our focus is to maximize profits through detailed study of the balance sheet structure, identifying risks and fostering growth through expert analytics and the provision of strategic alternatives.

Asset\Liability Management: Analysis & Reporting

Analytical tools to identify, measure, monitor, and control Interest Rate Risk.

Risk Management: Governance, Policy, Model Validation, Back Testing & Reporting

We can assist you in satisfying this critical activity using a risk-based approach uniquely tailored to your institution’s model and financial reporting framework.

Capital Adequacy Assessment & Analysis

Unprecedented market conditions have underscored the key importance of capital and capital adequacy for financial institutions of all sizes.

Full Service ALCO

Comprehensive consulting assistance through all phases of the Asset/Liability function.

Strategic Planning

Consulting advice and analysis for strategic alternatives.