Prognoses from VBC for the Regulatory Road Ahead
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Financial Crimes

The current financial crimes environment has zero tolerance for inadequate risk management programs and we continue to see increasing regulatory action for institutions with program weaknesses.

VBC provides comprehensive BSA/AML, Fraud and OFAC model validation services that are customized to meet each institution’s needs while adhering to and meeting all mandated regulatory guidelines. Our qualified CAMS specialists combine a risk-based approach with qualitative and quantitative validation methodologies to ensure the accuracy of data inputs and to offer strategies to enhance model processing and output efficiency.

To assist with managing these risks, many institutions have implemented BSA/AML, Fraud and OFAC systems that the examiners consider models and thus require FRB: SR 11-7/OCC: 2011-12/FDIC: FIL-22-2017 compliant independent model validations.

Vendor Models, Systems and Solutions

We have extensive experience in validating all vendor models, systems, and solutions including:

Our clients include Institutions offering risk-sensitive services such as:

Financial Crimes Advisory Services

In addition to BSA/AML model validations, VBC also provides the following affiliated services:

VBC Financial Crimes Professionals Profile

Case Study: Implementing a New Suspicious Activity Monitoring System

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