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As the customization, complexity, and sophistication of the models, tools, and business processes used by financial institutions increases, so does the need for accomplished resources to support the development and implementation of robust risk, governance, compliance, and data frameworks. VBC Advisors specializes in the development and delivery of programs to manage model risk, meet GRC requirements, including the evolving realm of ESG and Climate Risk. 

Boards and management rely significantly on models and model output to make strategic and operational decisions.  It is extremely important to have the right model risk management framework in place to ensure accuracy, robustness, and reliability of models and model outputs.  Designing and implementing a well-developed Model Risk Management (MRM) program will enable and empower your institution to manage model risk across the lifecycle while also facilitating the “effective challenge” oversight function prescribed by the regulators.

VBC’s Model Risk Management solutions and services include:

Model Governance and Organization

Model Lifecycle  Management

Model Risk Control Framework

Model Risk Assessment and Risk Quantification

Model Benchmarking and Performance Measurement

VBC Advisors includes deeply experienced and credentialed banking and risk management professionals, each with more than 10 years of experience in the practice domains of financial risk, credit risk, enterprise and operational risk, and risk mitigation strategy formulation and implementation.  Our clients rely on VBC to deliver custom solutions and industry best practices right sized and aligned to exacting and precise specifications. 

Additional key practice areas covered by our agile team of seasoned professionals include:

Additional Practice Areas

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