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What is an Automated Valuation Model (“AVM”) and do we have to validate it?

Posted in Credit Risk, Insights, Model Validations, MRM

AVMs are a regulatory hot topic at the moment. It likely these are considered “models” per regulatory guidance meaning users will have to validate any AVM in use. To provide some background, an AVM is an Automated Valuation Model, and per Fannie Mae, AVMs are “statistically based computer programs that use real estate information, such

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Credit Risk: The Third Leg of Risk in 2023

Posted in Asset Liability Management, Credit Risk, Insights, Liquidity Risk

Haverford, PA, March 23, 2023 The recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank shined the spotlight on the realities of interest rate risk and liquidity risk. Unrealized losses became relevant when coupled with a period of exacerbated liquidity risk. Simulations of reduced equity became a reality. Yet another risk to keep a

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