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VBC and Seifried & Brew Join Forces to Expand Offerings to the Financial Services Industry

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Haverford, PA – January 5, 2023

Velligan-Blaxall Consultants, LLC (VBC), a leading risk management firm headquartered in Haverford, PA has acquired Bethlehem, PA based Seifried & Brew, LLC (S&B) as part of the firm’s ongoing strategic vision to expand its service offerings and increase its value-proposition for clients.

S&B brings their nationally recognized Risk Assessment Services including the Performance Risk Reporting (“PRR”) capabilities, which provide a thorough assessment of an institution’s balance sheet and income statement against national and state peers via benchmark comparisons of essential KPIs, and national and state economic data. S&B also provides municipal credit analysis through a rigorous quantitative approach featuring independent credit risk ratings. Their service enables clients to manage credit risk across the municipal portfolio with the regular analysis of financial, economic, and demographic factors that could signal credit deterioration.

“The addition of S&B’s services naturally complements our core offerings and will allow VBC to enhance our analytics and strategic advisory services at a pivotal transitional period for financial institutions, where strategic analysis and capital planning is paramount to success,” said Brian Velligan, Managing Partner of VBC.

“Expanding our client base by serving Municipal debt holders strengthens the organization and allows VBC to cement and enhance its reputation as a strategic partner to more sectors within the financial services industry,” said Hugh Blaxall, Managing Partner of VBC.

“Joining VBC allows S&B to provide our clients with a broader range of analytical and modeling services” said Jamie Sumner, Managing Partner of S&B. “Our firms have had a long-standing strategic relationship over the past 15 years. Combining the two firms helps to deepen our analytical prowess and provides a catalyst for continued growth and product offerings.”

“The decision to join VBC was driven by their exceptional reputation and their vision to grow as an industry leader across service areas. S&B and VBC look forward to joining together in this vision by providing financial institutions with a better understanding of risk and greater profitability,” said John-Carl Brew, Managing Partner of S&B.  

About VBC

Velligan-Blaxall Consultants, LLC (VBC) is an independent full-service financial risk management consulting firm servicing financial institutions ranging in size from de-novos to super-regionals with assets greater than $100 billion. Our primary areas of service include:

About S&B

Seifried & Brew, LLC (S&B) provides expertise in financial institution analytics, municipal analytics, and economics. S&B believes that risk management and monitoring are key components to running a top-performing institution. We help our clients understand and communicate their risk and reward relationship to their board and leadership team(s). Our primary areas of service include:

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